Atlas Events brings to fore its expertise and finesse in creating concept based social events which not only make the event immemorable with the very fact of it being an important date for our client, but also an experience that one will not forget easily. The event maybe a milestone birthday, an anniversary or just a special celebration … We create stories from these events.
Our scope starts with the pre-event planning through to execution right up to the post-event winding up.
Our team is delighted to bring you the best service in Private/Social event management.

Belly Dance

Belly dance, also referred to as Arabic dance, is an Arabic expressive dance which originated in Egypt and that emphasizes complex movements of the torso. It has evolved to take many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style.

Fire Dance

Fire performance is a group of performance arts or skills that involve the manipulation of fire. Fire performance typically involves equipment or other objects made with one or more wicks which are designed to sustain a large enough flame to create a visual effect.

Tanoura Dance

Tanoura dance is a form of folkloric dance which is very common in Egypt. It’s indeed one of the highlights of Dubai desert safari as well. Tanoura means skirt in English and it is usually performed by Sufi men for the Sufi music, who spin continuously like the dervish dancers in the Levant and Turkey.